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This Court, established in and based in Strasbourg France , is responsible for ensuring the respect of the rights written in the European Convention on Human Rights. The rights of the child are regulated differently in each country usually by law. When governments make laws for the people living in their country, this is called a national law. The body in charge of making new laws is usually the Parliament, which is elected by the citizens in that country.

National laws have to respect European law and to keep the promises made under international treaties. About this website Data Protection Top. Where do my rights come from? What is an international law? What are international treaties? What is the European Union?

The Convention is based on four principles: Principle 1. Right to survival, protection and development : Countries should protect you from harm and help you to live and grow healthily. Principle 4. Participation : You have the right to give your opinions in all matters that affect you. Your views should be taken seriously.

As you grow older your views should become more important.

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Article 24 says that each child has a right to protection and care, the right to be heard , to have direct contact with parents and to have their best interests protected. What is the European Social Charter? Some of the rights written in the Convention are: the right to life, the right to a fair hearing the right to respect for private and family life freedom of expression freedom of thought, conscience and religion Under certain conditions, everyone, including children, who feels that their rights have not been respected, can take a case to the European Court of Human Rights when a solution cannot be found in their own country.

What does it mean? What does best interest of the child mean? When adults make decisions about you, they should think if this decision is best for you. When parents are divorcing, for example, the decision where and who the child should live with, should be taken thinking about what is best for the child, not what is best for the mother or the father. What is the right to be heard? It is about people listening to you. Your opinion must be taken into account. More Details Original Title.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 29, P-eggy rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed , reviews , books-read-a-long-time-ago , children , sex. The book purports to be a description of reproduction from childhood through sex to birth for the young ones.

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A typical excerpt over a picture of a little boy looking at his teeny little willie , "The important thing to notice is that the man has something hanging between his legs that the woman doesn't have. All you boys have one And yours will grow bigger as you grow bigger Peter Mayle describes sex as being like a long, lovely tickle and an orgasm like a sneeze with lots of sticky stuff. You think the kids would let that go or will start asking questions and perhaps even wanting one of their own :- It's great fun to watch customers in the shop pick the book up and realise that rather than answering questions in a very non-confrontational way, this book is going to require major interaction.

They mostly put the book back. If they are with children at the time, they always put the book on a higher shelf than the child can reach! Read years ago. If I haven't remembered it correctly perhaps it's that my own sex education is lacking. This book comes in two editions, one with black people and one with white. I don't know why the author couldn't just have had one black and one white parent and made life a lot easier for booksellers.

It's not as if the book's pc in any other way. View all 17 comments. Mar 26, Crystal rated it it was ok Shelves: own. I bought this because it was recommended by some neighbors and also by authors Ken and Linda Eyre whose wisdom and parenting advice I find very helpful but this book is not for us and our children at this time.

There are parts that are probably fine to teach children about how babies grow, etc. Something about the way it's worded just feels weird a I bought this because it was recommended by some neighbors and also by authors Ken and Linda Eyre whose wisdom and parenting advice I find very helpful but this book is not for us and our children at this time. Something about the way it's worded just feels weird and doesn't sit well with me or my husband. I read some reviews that criticized this book as being written from the mans point of view and I agree.

The part that says, "The man wants to get as close as he can to the woman I want my children to see sex as a mutual thing and not as something that one party really wants and the other has done to them. It makes no mention of how the woman feels about any of this, but mentions the man and what he wants a few times. I also don't think children need to have it described in 3 or 4 different ways how sex feels and what it compares to. A straight forward picture or two of the anatomy would be fine, but the full frontal naked people are on every page, sometimes several times.

Then they are in the act, in bed. Then there are sperm with top hats on. Anyway, I haven't yet found a book for children that explains the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of sex the I'd like it to. I don't want to mess this conversation up.

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The search goes on. Man, being a parent is hard sometimes!! View all 3 comments. Sep 30, smetchie rated it really liked it Shelves: funny , fucked-up-in-a-good-way. I like that this book exists.

Where Do You Come From?

It's written for children and explains where babies come from in a very straightforward way. The illustrations are wonderful, cute and really funny. The whole book is hilariously informative, actually. But I think it explains the sex part a bit too well. Of course, that's the parent talking. That's not at all what I thought when I read it as a kid. This shit amazing!

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Wait til I show this book to every kid I know! I still have my copy, inscribed to baby-me in , and I'm sure when my kids start asking questions I'll pull it out. But I think I'm going to skip the chapter on "friction. View all 8 comments. Jul 31, Charlie rated it really liked it.

This was the book my parents bought me when I was a kid 5ish, maybe younger. It's simple enough that a questioning child can understand the mechanics and avoid myths. I have NO idea what the fuss with the naked people is about. They're drawn completely unsexually, to illustrate the human body. They'll want to know WHY people have sex, and if you don't tell them, they will w This was the book my parents bought me when I was a kid 5ish, maybe younger.

They'll want to know WHY people have sex, and if you don't tell them, they will want to find out when older. I was always informed on sex and told that it was enjoyable when I asked why people do it, while being taught about contraception and such, and I waited longer than many of my friends, and had safe sex while sober.

There is nothing wrong with a child knowing what the big deal is! Yes, I do agree that it does neglect the emotional side of sex, but I think that's something that YOU talk to your children about. The book just makes explaining the mechanics easier. And in terms of 'too much information', I totally disagree. I would much rather show a young child this than wait 5 years and have them googling things because I, as a parent, failed to explain the facts of life. Which is what this book does.