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Purveyor of "offbeat theories", a syncopated poet in more ways than one, Donaghy is, as Duhig says in "Midriver", "Irish-American, poet-musician Duhig himself has always been one of "we hyphenated" rather than, as Yeats famously put it, "We Irish" , an Irish-English poet bridging different literary traditions and seemingly different worlds, happy to trawl past and present, the popular and the arcane, for verse-fodder. Central to the poetry is his play with a "fundamental interconnectedness", to borrow Michael Longley's phrase.

Among its many "finds", The Speed of Dark reworks poems and songs from the Roman de Fauvel, the 14th-century French cycle in which the man-horse Fauvel his name an acrostic of the seven deadly sins becomes, on a whim of Dame Fortuna, a power-crazed western ruler associated with the Antichrist.

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Duhig's Fauvel poems take us on an entertaining canter through medieval France. His exuberant duple and triple rhythms and rhyming couplets pay tribute to the musical traditions of the period, and his deceptively simple ballad metres make song subversive. Paul Muldoon could probably offer one answer to that question, and Duhig too reminds us to trust nothing straight from the horse's mouth.

The original Fauvel sequence is an allegorical critique of church and state, composed at a time of fraught relations between Christians and Muslims. Almost every poem in this collection negotiates, variously, the complex politics of black and white, simplistic black-and-white political attitudes, and the archetypal struggles of "dark" and "light".

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Fauvel's era is, in "Dame Fortuna's Antilogue", a "melancholy time Added to Watchlist Add to Watchlist. New York Comic Con Watch Trailer. List 3 : A Little before, And Comming soon!!

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