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As a result, the Holy Spirit could not personally come in and dwell in the life of a believer. He could come upon one to help him regarding a certain task, but once that task was completed, He would have to remove Himself from that person. However, now that the Cross has become a fact, and the sin debt is no longer a question, the Holy Spirit can officially come in and take up residence inside of the heart and life of every believer John The Holy Spirit is much more than having a prayer language the baptism with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with other tongues , and He does more than just take up space in our lives regeneration.

He comes in to help us be what we ought to be in Christ. If we fail to grasp how the Holy Spirit works, then we will continue to live a roller coaster Christian existence—one that is constantly up and down. We have to understand that we are facing powers that are greater than what we have at our disposal in the natural.

We are facing the literal powers of darkness Eph. All victory comes through the means of the Cross of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, but is there anything else? It is faith. All of this takes simple childlike faith on the part of the believer. He does, and the way we access this is through simple faith.

If our faith is anchored in something else entirely, then we cannot access the blessings for which He has provided.

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People ask me all of the time about the part that they play regarding their sanctification. The answer is very simple: The only part that we play as believers in our daily walk with the Lord is to simply believe. There is nothing else required of us. Rather, we must believe in what Christ has accomplished for us, which then gives the Holy Spirit the ability to work in our lives in the way that He desires. Everything else must be laid aside, for everything else will not and cannot take the place of the Cross and the Holy Spirit.

Granted, Satan does not like it when a Christian begins to look to the Cross exclusively for his sanctification, and he will stop at nothing to sway one away from the Cross to something else.

The Message of the Cross: Galatians 4; 19 'A MUST SEE EPISODE!! '(feb 10, 2012)

However, as Paul told us, we need to daily fight the good fight of faith I Tim. As well, this is the only fight wherein we are told to engage. He died that I might not die! This, we are told, is what divine love did. So fallen is the heart of unregenerate man that he will even attempt to incriminate by a charge of immorality the very God Who seeks to save him from his doom.

The cross of Christ, though unveiling the heart of God in a moment of time, was, nevertheless, the expression of that which is eternal in that heart. The cross is an assurance of the undiminished love of God at this very hour. Only in the cross has God perfectly revealed His love to sinful man.

Not in nature. Nor in the things and relationships of this life, for these may fail. In these last days God is speaking through His Son of His personal love for each individual.

The message of the cross – Introduction

Reader, has God said anything to you through His Son? If the cross has not become this to you, is it not evidence to you that you are neglecting this great salvation in spite of all professions and good intentions, and from the unhappy end of such failure there can be no escape? While Christians are grateful to Christ for what He did in His death for them on the cross, should they not be grateful also in some degree to the Roman soldiers who put Christ to death? This question has been raised by unbelief and may well be answered by first discovering just what part the soldiers took in that great event as it is viewed in the Bible.

No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. Whatever else took place, no man took His life from Him.

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So, also, the last words recorded as falling from His lips on the cross were of victory and authority. Not one reference in the Bible, outside the mere historical statement of the crucifixion, ever assigns His death to human sources. It is rather indicated that God the Father was acting in that death. Christians are saved by the divine reconciliation alone, and no gratitude is due the human factors in the death of Christ.

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The deed of the soldiers is not without meaning, however. From the first sin of man to the present hour, every unregenerate person is said to be at enmity toward God. That enmity is usually covered and latent, but as assuredly exists as the Word of God is true. It was the will of God that at the exact time and place when and where His infinite love was being unveiled there should be an unveiling, as well, of the desperate wickedness of man.

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Every human act in the crucifixion was a revelation of the fallen creature; yet to crown it all, one man, as though representing a fallen race, took a spear and drove it into the heart of God. Thus no man can be ignorant of the true nature of his own sinful heart who has honestly faced the meaning of the sin of rejecting Christ as enacted in the crucifixion. On this point God has spoken through His Son.

The cross of Christ is also a message from God in that it is said to be a declaration of the righteousness of God. Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; to declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus Rom In the passage in John the word presents the idea of announcement cf.

Luke ; Acts ; , 14; , while in the passage in Romans the word indicates the legal aspect of a full proof of something in question cf.

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  8. In v 25 of the passage under consideration, the evident proof of the righteousness of God was made at the cross concerning the sins committed before the death of Christ. God had always anticipated a perfect and sufficient sacrifice for sin. The blood of bulls and goats had never taken away sin, but had been the divinely appointed symbol of the blood that was to be shed.

    In view of the sacrifice that was to be, God had passed over, or pretermitted, the sins aforetime on the condition that the offender present the symbolic innocent sacrifice for his sins. Although the offender may have comprehended but little of all the divine meaning and purpose, the sacrifice stood as a covenant with Jehovah that He would, in the fullness of time, meet all the need of the sinner.

    When the true and sufficient sacrifice was accomplished, that sacrifice stood as a full proof that God had been righteous in all the generations wherein He had freely acted in view of that great event which was yet to come.

    Message Of The Cross

    In v 26 the declaration, or full proof, of the righteousness of God is made in the cross in relation to the sins committed. Ever since the cross, human responsibility for the adjustment and cure for sin is not through symbolic sacrifices, as in the OT, but is rather conditioned on a personal trust in the sufficient sacrifice fully accomplished on the cross.

    This verse also states what we may believe to be the deepest divine problem. After His Resurrection, with His Disciples still not believing that He has risen from the dead, He suddenly appeared to two of His Disciples as they were going to a village called Emmaus. The Disciples did not recognize Who He was; they thought He was merely a stranger. They began to relate to Him all the things which recently had happened. The Cross of Christ is the foundation principle of all Biblical Doctrine.