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As part of the re-evaluation of Ruskin, years after his birth in , art historians, scientists, geographers, artists and curators explore the critic's lifelong commitment to the painted landscapes of JMW Turner and his own artistic ambitions, as well as his prophetic concerns about the world's darkening skies, pollution and psychological turbulence.

In John Ruskin spoke out against an encroaching "Storm Cloud"-a darkening of the skies that he attributed to the belching chimneys of the modern world.

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The imagery of the pollution-stained sky also allowed Ruskin to articulate the internal distress that seemed to engulf him. His analysis of a "blanched sun, blighted grass [and] blinded man" overwhelmed by a modern "plague-wind" expresses both the visible climatic effects of industrialization and the effects of his own worsening mental health.

Propelled by bereavement and anxieties over his religious faith, Ruskin became fixated on the skies, "watching a cloud from four in the afternoon to four in the morning". This collection of essays examining Ruskin's distinctive blend of meteorology, morality and social criticism brings new perspectives to one of the most influential and provocative thinkers of the nineteenth century.

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Ruskin's deep and personal engagement with Turner's work over many decades emerges as a recurring theme. In Turner, Ruskin found the ideal "Modern Painter"-an artist whose powerful sunrises and sunsets, mountains and storms, inspired his own critical engagement with the natural world. As an artist and critic, Ruskin consistently challenged the way others experienced the world, encouraging his audiences to recognise and record nature's transient beauty, and doing the same with his own intimately observed drawings of animals, flora and weathered buildings.

As an environmentalist, he witnessed a natural world changing before his eyes, as the landscapes, buildings and skies he had seen as a young man came under threat. As an ethical provocateur ahead of his time, he condemned the throwaway culture that spoilt the towns and rivers he loved, urging his audiences to take responsibility for these changes.

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Responding to this rich and troubled legacy, the book brings together original contributions by artists and curators, art historians, geographers and climate change specialists, each of whom shares new insights into Ruskin's concerns about the changing weather patterns and shifting landscapes of the modern world. Individual essays reconsider Ruskin alongside a range of contemporary issues, encompassing mental health, technology, environmental pollution and climate change. The collection's diverse voices make a compelling case for the continuing relevance of Ruskin and his ways of seeing in the twenty-first century.

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Patricia De Montfort. Augustus John. David Boyd Haycock. Britain Can Make it.

Diane Bilbey. Georgiana Houghton. Lars Bang Larsen.

They must instead slide underneath them or move away from their lane. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Item Box power-ups. Though poor weather conditions like early snow, heavy rain, drought, or strong winds can cause leaves to fall prematurely, most trees right now are in a good position to deliver a brilliant display of color after a healthy, rain-filled summer. Photographs taken of Hurricane Dorian's massive eye and the damage it caused in the Bahamas paint a picture of what it was like to live through the historic storm. But some of the most stunning images to come out of the event were captured after the hurricane had passed.

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As KENS5 reports, the time-lapse video below shows the sky over Florida turning a unique shade of purple in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. Dorian skimmed the east side of Florida earlier this week, causing power outages and some flooding.

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The worst of the storm was over by Wednesday night, but the ominous purple clouds it left behind may have sparked concern among some Florida residents. A purple sky following a hurricane is the result of a perfectly natural occurrence called scattering. The sky was super-saturated after Dorian arrived, and the moisture in the atmosphere refracted the light of the setting sun.