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Lena also shows signs of physical abuse, which she says are from Elliot. One night Lena calls Doug over to house, where he finds Elliot dead on the floor. Lena claims he attacked her and she accidentally killed him when she fought back. After some major trepidation on Doug's part, Lena convinces him to help her cover up her part in Elliot's death. Soon after an insurance investigator named Angie Alvarez Kandyse McClure shows up to investigate Elliot's death, due to the large settlement of 10 million dollars Lena is now set to receive from his life insurance.

Suspicion quickly falls on Doug, and he grows nervous from the increased attention on him by both Angie and the town Sheriff Paul Sorvino. Eventually he realizes that Lena has been manipulating him this whole time, intending to frame him for Elliot's murder; she claims that instead of a consensual affair Doug had been stalking her and raped her, and then killed Elliot in a jealous rage.

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Doug's attempts to prove his innocence are thwarted at every turn, presumably by Lena. For example, a gardener of the Harper's who had seen Doug and Lena together turns up murdered before the police can talk to him. With the police ready to arrest him and with Lena having received the insurance money, Doug follows her to a hotel she is at with Angie, intending to retrieve one of the pre-paid cellphones he and Lena used from her person for evidence.

It is there that Doug realizes that Angie is actually Lena's lover and has been her accomplice since the beginning. At first it seems that Lena will leave Doug to take the rap, however in a last gesture of love she decides to leave Doug the cell phone, which contains the exonerating evidence he needs. Angie and Lena flee the country on a private plane. In the closing voice-over, Doug explains how he was eventually sent to prison, but on reduced charges for a short period of time. Lena and Angie are still on the run. He contemplates if he would do it all over again. Production on the film began on April 22, , in North Carolina , [6] [3] [7] [8] and concluded in May S distribution rights to the film.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved January 9, Archived from the original on January 28, For the first, he requested a wallet that would always have the right amount of money to buy anything he wanted, which went off well. Unfortunately, he used slang for the second, wishing for "a tall bird that is, the British term for an attractive woman with long legs," and the genie gave him just that. Mythology and Religion. From The Bible : Even God could be harsh in granting wishes when the wishers were being too whiny.

In response to the Israelites complaining about all manna and no meat, he gave them meat for a month "until it come out at your nostrils, and it be loathsome unto you" KJV. Ten of the twelve Israelites sent to spy out the Promised Land insisted that its people were too strong to conquer, even though they had God on their side.

The people declared that it would be better to die in the desert than try to conquer the Land. God, furious, declared that they wouldn't enter the Land until every man who complained had, in fact, died in the desert. Cue 39 more years of wandering. During the time of the Judges, Israel had no king except for God himself. The Israelites decided they didn't like this situation and wanted a human king like all the surrounding nations.

So God tells them, "Alright, I'll give you your king, but you won't like him very much ". In no fewer than four kings Saul, David, Solomon, Rehoboam , Israelites got so tired of all the work imposed by the king particularly Solomon, who built the temple and many other great works that 10 tribes chose to follow a different fellow named Jeroboam, instead of Rehoboam, son of Solomon, splitting the nation into the northern kingdom of Israel and southern kingdom of Judah.

As if this wasn't bad enough, most of the time starting especially with Jeroboam , the kings and their foreign-born queens led the nation into idolatry, until the northern kingdom of Israel was wiped out by Assyrians and the southern kingdom of Judah underwent a long period of captivity in Babylon. Even the kings were occasionally punished for their wasteful wishes. When David fell in love with the married Bathsheba, he sent her husband Uriah to his death to have her for himself.

God, furious, sent the prophet Nathan to tell David a story about two men, one rich and one poor. The rich man had many sheep, while the poor man had only oneā€”but when the first man wanted to hold a banquet, he stole and slaughtered the second's sheep rather than serve one of his own. David, upset by this story, remarked that he wished the first man would be brutally punished for his selfishness and greed The wish for punishment came true, as Bathsheba and David's child died in retaliation for their sins.

One particular instance is Draupadi, the Pandavas' wife, in the Mahabharata yearning for a husband in her previous life. She wanted her husband to be as strong as Vayu, as talented as Indra, as moral as Dharma and as beautiful as the Ashwini twins. She forgot to specify that she wanted one husband. As a result, in her next incarnation, she married five men and was the wife of five husbands simultaneously. The legend of King Midas the first part, at least is a good example.

Upon finding the drunken satyr Silenus, a follower of Dionysus, trespassing on his property, Midas treated him hospitably for ten days rather than punishing him. Dionysus offered Midas a reward for his charity, offering him anything he wanted; Midas asked that anything he touched be turned to gold.

Although the god warned him that he had made a foolish wish, he still granted it. Though Midas was happy at first, it soon became obvious that he had indeed been foolish. His daughter was quickly turned into a statue by this power, and Midas couldn't even touch food without it turning to gold. When faced with starvation, he begged Dionysus to take the gift back Pro Wrestling.

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Terry Funk and Cactus Jack had beaten down Public Enemy for interrupting their main event match, and during so, they asked no one in particular in the audience to toss them a chair. Cue every one of their fans complied , subsequently burying them and Public Enemy in a pile of chairs. It even got to the point where Joey Styles had to ask the audience 5 times in a row to not throw chairs into the ring until they finally ran out.

Razor Ramon would often encourage children to be just like him, a disrespectful brute who took whatever he wanted.

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Well, one child did end up like Razor , and Razor Ramon turned out to not like having to deal with him. Well, they failed, but everyone was still sick of Hogan, so Hulkamania ended up dying of natural causes.

Be Careful What You Wish For

But Hulk Hogan didn't leave just because he no longer had the power of the Hulkamaniacs , oh no. The same fans were less than enthused when Randy won. Monday Night Raw referee Brad Maddox wanted to be a wrestler, he wanted to have matches. However, when Richards actually did pull them down, the chant changed to "Keep Them On! When MVP became director of wrestling operations for TNA , Bully Ray would criticize him for not using the powers allotted by the position to their fullest potential. Then Don Sterling lost his National Basketball Association team, The LA Clippers, which not only lead to MVP using the powers allotted to him as director of wrestling operations to their fullest in the most spiteful ways possible , but him deciding that those powers were not enough.

Tabletop Games. This trope is a staple of fantasy roleplaying when wishes are available to players, often spurring almost comic efforts to avoid loopholes , poor wording , or ill-conceived wishes. The most powerful arcane spellcasters in 3rd edition can make wishes safely within certain parameters; beyond those, GMs are encouraged to get creative with unexpected side effects. Particularly if a player is trying to make a game-breaking wish. You can ask a higher power to directly intervene in battle in Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok , but if the runes are not with you, they might very well appear on the battlefield and kick the crap out of your party instead of helping you.

Magic: The Gathering : The game has a cycle of Wish cards , the flavour text of each of which is a variant on the following: "He wished for X, but not for the [ Required Secondary Power ] to [effectively use] it. Braid of Fire is based around this. But unlike most it happened uncontrollably, and it was also made in the days of mana burn; if you couldn't find something to spend all that mana on before your mana pool emptied you'd take increasing amounts of damage, giving you a choice between hoping something turned up before it killed you and giving up so much lovely extra mana.

Warhammer 40, : In the background fluff of the Changeling, the Dark Angels besieging the fortress of a rogue planetary Governor who'd turned to Chaos. The governor asks the daemon of Tzeentch for a way to break the siege, the daemon asks for the Governor's daughter in exchange for the favour. The Governor grimly complies and the Changeling hands him something and disappears. The governor just has time to wonder what it is before he is surrounded by the hulking blue force fields heralding teleporting Space Marine Terminators; the Changeling had stolen a teleporter homer from a nearby Ravenwing biker, which was keyed to that of the attached Deathwing Terminator Squads.

The siege was indeed swiftly ended. Horus' greatest wish was to be remembered. Now no one will forget his name. The Necrontyr wanted immortality. The C'tan granted that wish Not surprisingly, some of the Necrons who still have some of their mental faculties have decided that being fleshy short-lived mortals wasn't so bad after all.

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Unlike Space Marines, who are only ever grafted into Dreadnoughts in order to save their lives, Orks queue up to be welded into Deff Dredds because Dredds are 1 big, 2 loud, 3 stompy and 4 covered in chainsaws and guns. Many soon discover that the drawback to being permanently wired into a giant metal can is that you have been permanently wired into a giant metal can.

Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine has a special chart for Reality Syndrome characters, used to determine which foundations of a wish are likely to go well and which are more likely to end up failing horribly instead of entertainingly. A character who wishes for a friend because they are lonely and who has "a little lonely" on their sheet is likely to get it or something like it quite easily; wishing for your own pet shoggoth because you are lonely is Incentive for the archetypal Reality Syndrome character, Chuubo, to fail horribly anyway is provided by a system wherein he gets bonus XP for making the other players Face Palm in an amused fashion.

In the Glass-Maker's Dragon campaign, the "standard" Wishing Child is expected to finish up their story by concluding that wishes just aren't worth the trouble and sacrificing that ability, instead choosing to make do with just the ability to turn into a giant snake - but there are plenty of opportunities to derail this in play if you have a different idea of where to go.

Meta Example in the Yu-Gi-Oh! These cards were given new errata that give them serious nerfs , making the powerful strategies they were outlawed for completely unusable, even in Traditional Format. One of the supplements for the Chronicles of Darkness series, Mysterious Places , has the Swimmin' Hole, which occasionally grants wishes to those who spill blood in it.

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One such example of the end result is a man named Eddie Lansdale, whose last wish was that his ex-girlfriend, Edith, would come back to him. She did, but the power behind the Swimmin' Hole had turned her into an undead abusive Yandere. In Igor Stravinsky's The Rake's Progress , the hapless and gormless Tom Rakewell's troubles start with him wishing he had money, upon which a mysterious manservant appears to inform him that an estranged uncle has left him a fortune.

Once Tom realises that urban decadence and high living are no substitute for the love he left behind in the countryside, he wishes he were happy, and his servant convinces him to marry a genderbending circus artist.